Why you need Summer Campus?
Summer Campus and Winter Campus is the activities only for kids and teenagers. The objective for the campus is to build up the confidence for kids when they are speaking Chinese. Mandarin Collective knows there are a lot of kids and teenagers who can understand Chinese, but not willing to speak out. So our program designed to help them to improve their Chinese using games interesting Chinese activities. Also designed some out going trips to help students know about the development of China, and why they need to learn mandarin.
Who can attend this program?
If your children are below 15 years old, you can apply our kids summer program viaenquiry@mandarincollective.org . if your children is between 15 - 20years old, he or she can attend our teenager summer program. Our courses divided 2 levels- Elementary level and Intermediate level. Based on student’s current Chinese level. Elementary level will for those total beginners, and teacher will use English and Chinese to hold the class. Intermediate level for those students who can normally understand Chinese and need to improve, teacher will only use Chinese to go through the whole program. Before you start, you could send an email viaenquiry@mandarincollective.org to get a pre test for your children.



Where could I attend this program?
Mandarin Collective is in Shanghai Pudong, near Lujiazui CBD, the teaching classes will hold at school, and you can find our school location here! So you could take metro line 2, 4,6 and 9 to reach us, look at this Google map to know our exact place.

What is the program like?
This summer campus has 3 parts. First part: Chinese learning. In this part, the courses will have vocabularies, speaking, listening, writing skill, grammar and Chinese characters learning. Second part: Chinese culture. In this part, involves Chinese festival activities, such as Chinese painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Beijing opera, and Chinese chess. Third part: outgoing trip. In this part, teacher will take students to shanghai museum, nature museum, history museums and etc. From the visits to these museums, let students have more interest about Chinese.

Visit our Pudong Campus @No.855 South PuDong Road,   World Plaza       Floor B2

Call us 400-6262-602 for more information