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Mandarin Collective has over hundreds of teachers, teachers have your best interests at heart and work together to ensure your success. All of our qualified teachers have years of experience in the classroom and know the best techniques to ease you through the difficulty of studying Mandarin. We’re not saying that learning Mandarin is easy, but if you tell us your goals, then we will show you the way!


The MandarinCollective has different coursed based on your needs, such as, General Chinese Course, Special Chinese Courses, Business Chinese, HSK Course and Culture Courses.  If you are a business man, we provide you flexible time schedule and class location to fulfill your needs. If you are a culture lover, we provide you traditional activities with expats and your language teacher. If you would love to speak Chinese as the native, also you can join our Practice Chinese class combined with Chinese lesson.



General Chinese (通用汉语课)

-- General topics based on practical enviroments. e.g. Taking taxi, Ordering food and etc. 根据实用汉语语境定制通用汉语课堂的话题,如坐出租车,买东西,购物等实用话题。 

- Level by level, 5 levels to evaluate each stage. From elementary level to Advanced level.  5个汉语水平级别,给予学员不同的汉语教学目标。

-  Improve all skills cover oral, listening, writing and reading. 全面提升口语,听力,写作和阅读。


Oral Chinese (汉语口语课)

-- Provide oral practicing in class. 一边上课一边练习口语。

-- Indeeply expend vocabularies during topic talking. 根据汉语话题实时拓展单词量。

-- Appropriate for all level students to choose.适合各个汉语级别的学员选修这门课。

--Oral Chinese Class is the  most efficient class improve mandarin, instead of learning charaters together. 是最有效的汉语口语提高课程,不用受到汉字的教学的困扰。 

Professional Business Chinese  (商务汉语)

-- Flexible timeschedule. 课程安排灵活 
-- Focus on senior students 主要针对高级汉语水平的学员选修 
-- Make your oral Chinese more professional 更好的锻炼汉语口语以达到商务级别。

-- Include professional field in Chinese learning 课程主要针对商务领域的汉语教学。

-- To progress on reading contract and email 包含合同和商务邮件的阅读与书写。

-- Discover Chinese culture for a better understanding of Chinese way of thinking 了解更深层次的中国文化,以便更好的理解课堂内容。


Chinese Character Class (汉字课)

--- Focus on characters' writing and recognize. 针对汉字的认读和书写

-- Focus on the structure of character, method of memorization.  讲解汉字的构成和记忆方法

-- Better understanding of similar words and multi-pronounciation character . 通过汉字教学更好的分辨多音字和近义词

-- Ensure the ability of character self-learning skill, able to read Chinese books and articles.完成课程后可以达到汉字的自学能力,并可以全面阅读。

Summer/Winter Campus 冬令营/夏令营

-- Help kids and teenagers envolve in Chinese environment. 提供一个全中文的环境

-- Focus on Pinyin and character study. 针对拼音和汉字的学习,全面了解中文。

-- Various Chinese culture class, help kids and teenagers understand Chinese culture. 丰富多彩的中国民俗课程,给孩子和青少年学员一个全方位的汉语体验

-- Tour everyweek will help students know more about the history of Shanghai. 每周安排上海名胜古迹游览,了解上海的过去和历史。


Online Chinese Course (网络汉语课)

-- Learning location is flexible. 在家就能学汉语。

-- Only need web cam and Internet. 上课设施容易配备。

-- Real teacher teaching in the class 老师网络真实授课

-- Learning Chinese everywhere and anytime.随时随地学中文

Chinese Corner (汉语角)

-- Appropriate all level students.适合各个级别的学员进行课外口语练习

-- Every students could apply Chinese corner for free.每位学员可以免费申请汉语角课程

-- Practice every sigle part of Chinese. 全面练习听说读写


a) Elementary Level - helps you to communicate in basic structures and focus on your pronounciation and phonetics. 


b) Lower intermediate Level - focuses on vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.


c) Intermediate Level - helps you to have a deeper understanding of the culture and how the Chinese language is used in real life.


d) Upper Intermediate Level - helps you to process the Chinese language without translating back to your native language.


e) Advanced level - helps you ot understand the written word from newspaper articles, business contractand other writing like contemporary Chinese prose. 


Private tutoring


50 lessons(RMB/person/lesson)



1 on 1




1 on 2






Level: From total beginner to advanced
Starting date: Start from any day, all year round

Schedule: Flexible schedule, two or three times a week. Based on your schedule.

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